Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 217-- holy shnykies

I have been terrible about taking pictures and about blogging! Cole and I have been up to a lot. I wish I would have kept better track. It's been two months since the last post!!

Here's everything that's happened...

1) My parents and youngest brother came to visit us. They stayed in our house for the first few days, and then in a hotel in Waikiki for the second half. Based on their visit, a week is not enough!! It came so fast and made me realize how much I miss family. We had a blast. They all came scuba diving with us and were great sports. My mom kept floating to the top- good thing we weren't very deep- it was hilarious. Both my dad and my brother kept themselves down on the bottom :) Afterwards, Taylor asked if they were certified now. Pretty cute.

2) We went dirt biking on a big track they have up on the North Shore in a place called Kahuku. Why they put a track in the rainiest part of the island where the clay turns to glass when it's wet, is beyond me, except that it is so much fun when it's not wet!

3) Cole spoiled me for my birthday. Homemade ice cream cake, volleyball on the beach, dinner at my favorite restaurant, and gifts. My parents also took me to Cheesecake Factory for my birthday which was great.

4) One year anniversary. Cole surprised me with a dinner cruise to watch Friday Night Fireworks on Waikiki

5) We are planning to move to California to work in the Bakersfield office. The time frame is unsure, but since we have to be ready to move, we ended our lease, shipped 80% of our stuff, and moved in with friends so we could leave at a moments notice. This has been super stressful, but we finally got everything situated except for the move itself.

6) We went to Kauai for a weekend. Legit. It's so different there than here. THAT is the island experience. Although Oahu is fun, you don't find much peace and quiet. Cole and I went with our boss Blake, and it was difficult to get us all to talk much. We just relaxed and layed on the beach almost the whole weekend. Except when I made the boys go on a hike with me. It was the only thing I wanted to do there before we left.

7) I died my hair blonde

8) We are about to have the third 3 day weekend since moving to Hawaii-- and already we have scuba planned and dirt biking. I'm so excited!

9) My sister had the first grandbaby on my side!! She's adorable and wonderful and has a big dimple just like me :) She's so cute, I'm in love. ( and no, Cole and I aren't having kids yet or for a long time, lol, I knew you'd ask)

We're excited to potentially see a lot of our friends and family soon! We'll keep everyone posted.

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  1. Wait, what? You guys went to Kauai?! Dang you two and your fun adventures without us!!!