Sunday, July 22, 2012

5K Mud Run! Mudder X

Since getting married, Cole and I have made it a huge part of our lives to remain active. We don't want to let anything get in the way of the happiness that we have when we eat well and stay in shape. One thing I've done to help us eat well is that I make everything out of whole wheat. I have an awesome recipe (thanks to my best friend's sister and a few minor changes to the recipe) for whole wheat bread. I make it once a week and that's the only bread we use for sandwiches or any other needs. We love it.

We also do most of our own cooking. Not only does it keep us healthy, but we've found that it saves us a ton of money!

Cole's new effort to stay in shape has been doing triathlon related activities: biking, swimming and running. I have also been doing swimming (once, I'm not a strong swimmer), biking, and I am running again (and love it, running is my favorite). A while back, Cole signed up for a half marathon!! He ended up running a 5K instead, but he did great! The 5K was cool because it started at night and everyone had glow sticks attached to themselves. Cole ran it with our friend James (who finished in 10th place!! Go James!) and then we sprinted off to a soccer game for Megan and my girls team. It was a really fun night. Barbara came to watch, which was so fun and great to have her support there for Cole.

I forgot to mention that Cole came in 39th place!! Go Cole :)

The next morning, Cole and I woke up super early and went to run in the mud :) It was the mudder X! We ran with Adam and Maranda Crop. It was SO much fun! We also found out that Adrienne is expecting her third little one and we were told in the coolest way.

Look at those cute little guys :) Thatcher's shirt says "biggest big brother" and Truman's says "big brother." I guess Tyler was the one who puff painted both the shirts. 

Here are some pictures from the race. It was a lap of just over one mile (we completed it twice haha). The lap has mud, obstacles, hills, slides, everything you can think of-- we definitely want to do another one.

Also I think you'll enjoy these videos :)

We plan on having a lot more adventures like this one. It definitely makes life more fun!