Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 155

It's been a while since I've written a blog post, sorry about that. However, I'm getting a little bit better at making sure we take pictures! So, that will at least make this one more interesting. I hope.

Cole and I are still finding adventures all the time. Even with just one day off a week, we definitely have learned how to fit in a lot of stuff into one day. We do have to go to bed between 8:30 and 9:30 almost every night though in order to make sure we can work hard and play hard to the fullest. A couple of weekends ago, Cole and I met up with some of the people from work and their friends to play sand volleyball and lay on the beach. We ended up renting paddle board, which I've been wanting to do forever, and took some pretty cool photos.

We also stole a baby, or so it looks like, and played around with him in the water. It was pretty hilarious watching this kid. Cole took some cool panoramics and other pictures.

We also had our friend Amy come out, which was super fun. 

We went all over the island and to a lot of beaches. We were also able to go sky diving! It was my first time and I always told Cole he had to make me do it. So I did. Awesome. We jumped from 14,000 feet and the drop before pulling the shoot was for a full minute. We got up to 120 miles per hour. Let me tell you, the pictures of a person going 120 miles per hour are a little crazy. We didn't buy any of the pictures though, so I don't have any to show you. But it was sweet. From up there you can see both side of the island, whales, the whole north shore is below. It was incredible.

We have been getting quite a bit of dirt biking in. I'm definitely still learning. I'm getting a pretty good arm work out in because I have to lift my bike out of little ravines and up hills a lot. I can't count how many times I fell in the mud last sunday. No one would be proud except of my last hill climb. No no, it wasn't successful really, but I made it. All by myself. So I was proud. It was a rough one. Every one is still saying the only reason I made it is because I cursed Cole's name the whole time! Not true, but funny. I made it because I was sick of being beaten. "anything you can do, I can do better" right? :)

This month I also ran the Hapalua Half Marathon. Yes! This was my first bucket list item for Hawaii.  

There are more pictures, but they are on Cole's phone, and I haven't uploaded them yet. So this little video of my run across the finish line will have to do. I must say, I owe the entire run to 5 Hour Energy. If you have never ran after drinking one of these, or downed one towards the end (I did both), you are missing out. I had to drink so much water at the end to compensate though. That will definitely dehydrate you! My time was 2:03 (which seems wrong because the finishing time says 2:04 and it took me far more than 1 minute to cross the start line after the "go", but I'll let it go for now). This means I had a 9:23 mile through the race. I'm proud. It's one minute faster than my fastest one. Talk about pacing, I've got that crap down. Anyway, it was super fun, and I'm considering doing a full marathon in December, but it sounds awful so I don't know.

My second bucket list item while in Hawaii was to paint a mural on a surf board. The day before the race I needed to relax and get ready, so I finished my mural. I'm so excited about it :) Scott if you read this, thank you for calling me! I just realized I haven't called you back yet, but I will.

We're still having little adventures all the time. My parents are coming out next Thursday and staying for a week, and then it will be my birthday, and then... our 1 year anniversary. Ya, we made it. I can't believe you voted against us! :) just kidding. It's been a really really fun, and probably unconventional, first year. I hate to be sappy, but I love Cole more and more all the time.