Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 82

So this week, I finally get used to not working, and guess what, I have to work. It's so good though, even though I have productive days without a job, there's nothing that feels better than having something to do that's required and pays you! I'm training right now, so how hard am I working? Not that hard yet. I'm doing my old shoe work, sales again. So I'll be selling for Vivint Solar. In fact as of right now I'm about to shadow the manager-- I knocked by myself on Saturday, but I think I need to see some of this before I get a good feel for it. Sitting here, I'm sorta wishing I took of picture of this uniform, but then I'm not too worried about everyone seeing my in a collard shirt and shorts. But I pull this look off! .... chirp chirp, chirp...

Anyway, I've been training really hard at the gym since Cole started working so much. I've lost 8 pounds total, and I've got some cool muscle lines starting to pop up. I won't show you because I save all those pictures for Facebook-- oh wait, that was when I was single-- oh wait, I'm not a d-bag, I never did that. Nor did I ever do the duck face, well I hope I didn't. Good thing I'm married now and I don't have to worry about trying to fit some cleav, an innocent wide eyed, while trying to be sexy look, as well as a good angle of my lip gloss that'll catch the light and shine just right to attract the innocent male Facebook browser. That's a tough picture to catch! Okay I never did that, but secretly admired the girls who were able to totally transform the way they really looked with the right angle, flash, lighting and some other things I'm sure I know nothing about. Wow, I've really gotten side tracked. My point was, since I've been working out so much I've gotten into pretty good shape, but I wasn't sure what to do with it. It's like earning 100 grand and having nothing to spend it on. Well not exactly like that, cause I can spend 100 grand. Or I bet I could if I had it. SOO what I've decided to do with my fitness money, or whatever, is train for a half marathon, and then obviously a marathon. I am registered for neither one right now. So I guess I'm all talk. But I have the races picked. There's a half marathon in March, and then a full marathon in April. I'm up to 8 miles right now, so I'm hoping by the half marathon I'll be to at least 16-18 and have plenty of time to be ready for the full. Here's praying. So after I go out shadow knocking today, I've gotta hit the treadmill for a 7 mile run. I know what you're thinking... treadmill? Ya, until I can get an arm band that fits my montrosity of a cell phone I have called the galaxy SIII, which I love, but it is quite huge... I can't run outside and legitimately track how far I'm going. It's on it's way though, so hopefully by next week I'll be golden.

So, one thing that I really wanted to do while I was out of work was paint! I didn't get a chance to do that at all yet. In fact, the paints I order to redecorate an old surf board we bought, only just got here today! #HawaiilivingmeansnothingshipshereforEVER (I hate and love hash tags) Here's the crappy part though, everything came except the paintbrushes! Are you kidding me? So I'm still stuck waiting. I guess they are on back order or something. Come on, as if people have time to paint you're so busy you have to back order these things.

Oh the best part about knocking doors in Hawaii, I'm wearing slippers. (for you that means flip flops, and for me, but I'm trying to blend in here). So much better than tennis shoes! Life is so laid back in Hawaii, I couldn't ask for a better lifestyle. However, it is giving me time to read more, and I don't think it's making me more educated, just paranoid. I listen to Paul Wescott and learn about people like Alex Jones, and I think Cole knows I might be a little bit of a conspiracy theorist if I let myself get caught up in it. So, other than the zombie apocalypse which I know is coming someday, I'll try to keep the crazy to a minimum at least for him.

I'm pretty sure that's everything for now! Wish I had more pictures for you, but I don't so guess we'll have to deal with it until next time.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 76 -- Officially 2013 is Here, "The Holidays" Continued

So for our first Christmas away from our families, it didn't turn out so bad. It was actually pretty fun. I've always loved a saying that Cole's sister Sunny has about her family "Maxwell's Do Hard Things." I think it's awesome. I tried to say one day to Cole that "Smith's Do Hard Things," too, and we both kinda stopped and decided that may not be entirely true. So instead, we decided that "Smith's Do Fun Things!" It may not be admirable, cheers to you Sunny, but it's something that anyone who knows us would vouch if you asked them. Christmas was no different.

In the last blog post, I think I laid out everything we did for Christmas. I forgot to show you though the super cool T-Shirt I designed for Cole :)  A little prideful I know, but I love it.

There's also a teal one in the same design.

So of course I talked about the fact that we went scuba diving on Christmas Day, but I didn't give you the goods! Cole did an AMAZING job with the footage! I am seriously impressed. Even at 120 feet the images are awesome. He seriously caught every major moment that any of us wanted captured! Except maybe our guide getting bit by the eel, but that was over in a second and only I saw that one :)

First, before I go into scuba details. We did go to Hanuma Bay for Christmas Eve (at least I think it was Christmas Eve) with Jim and Kate. So beautiful. Here are a few of those snapshots, if it pleases you:

On our way, not too bright and early Christmas morning. We start our trip at about 1:30 pm

Yes that's me... I'll add this picture, but I'm not proud of it.


Showing off my ability to clean out my goggles underwater and not have a panic attack... this is a huge improvement for me.


For those of you who aren't fascinated with fish... I apologize now. Cole loves them :) And he adorably takes 100 times the amount of pictures he takes of people or cooler sea animals (as some might think others are cooler, not me of course) of these little fishies.

Kate was showing off for the camera, she was flipping around which was probably for the sake of video... but Cole happened to be taking pictures. Sorry Kate!

The bite from the eel. At least we got a photo!

Me and Jimbo post dive.

The problem with blogger, is now that I've loaded all the videos, I don't know which one is which. But I can safely tell you that this is the one of Kate and Jim kissing :)

I think this is the one where the Octopus got stuck to my face! Enjoy!

If you're into diving, definitely watch the videos. Like I said, Cole did a fabulous job catching everything exciting. The first dive was 120 feet, that's the ship wreck. Everything else was at 40 feet.

After Christmas, it was back to Utah for Jim and Kate as well as back to Seattle for Brenden and Julie, so we were once again by ourselves. Not so bad! However, Cole went back to work too. So I spent my time blogging:

Learning Spanish:

And going on a green tea cleanse to recoup from the Holidays.

Then surprise! We had another holiday and Cole had another three day weekend. We spent this one with some of Cole's co-workers who we love hanging out with and are a lot of fun. On New Years Eve there were some 20-30 foot waves on the North Shore that only happen about 1-2 times a year. On the way there, we saw this super cool guy with ape hangers on his bicycle ... bicycle, with pedals. haha

 We went to two different beaches, the first was Waimea and the second was North Shore. These are all mixed up, but it's safe to say that anything where the light is starting to fade and it looks like dusk, that's North Shore.

Traffic was terrible with everyone wanting to check these waves out, so we took the time to snap a photo of the two of us. We don't do this often, so I'll cherish it :)

New Years Day we went surfing. I told you that I've been boogie boarding. Or attempting to boogie board. Well today, Cole wanted to teach me to surf. And I wanted to learn! I didn't really catch anything, but I did end up with this little bruise from my fin: 

After surfing, we headed to Waikiki with Cole's co-workers (I'll give them names finally: Blake and Skylar) and we did some shopping. Since coming to Hawaii, I have become a hat collector. You would too if you had beach hair all the time. No I'm not bragging, but yes it's nice enough here that I have beach hair all the time :) I bought a new hat yesterday, but I think it will be my last since Cole has noticed that I've been collecting them: 

We ended the night with some great seafood. Wonderful wonderful seafood. 

Happy New Year to everyone! 

To end this post, I will tell you that I just got a job today! Yay! I start training tomorrow at 10 am. Yes, it is for Vivint Solar. For life, like I said :)