Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 107 Are You Serious?

So it's Saturday, Cole is at work and so I'm left to my own devices. I'm guessing most people are wondering what I've been doing these days while Cole works a million hours a day. I try to stay busy! My sister sent a calendar to us with a bunch of family pictures, so I've been using it to track productive things: like my running schedule, and my appointments for work (I'll get to that).

It's been really helpful. At least it feels good to put check marks down. Well, in one effort to actually be of worth, I got a job as a sales rep at Vivint Solar.  I got a sale! It cancelled. I slowly stopped knocking, and finally started the job hunt again. I was kinda embarrassed because I have this reputation as being tough, and also good at sales, well... that reputation has been tarnished. Instead of looking at it that way, I try and think that I'm getting more mature because I didn't let my pride get in the way of me finding a job I actually wanted. That's what I tell myself anyway.

On the job hunt, I went to a temp agency, I interviewed for a Director of Marketing position, I sent resumes to all of the resorts close by, and wound up with... a job at a temp agency who's never called. Awesome. I was talking to Cole's boss about what I was going to do, and he offered me a job as an Office Assistant. Excellent :) Employed, and employed with people I know. Couldn't have asked for better! So I start Monday. I've been spending the last few days doing online OSHA training. UGHH. Terrible. I just finished the final exam so I'm done! What an office assistant needs OSHA training for, I'll never know. Maybe I'll hurt my finger typing too fast or something.

Today, although I had to finish my OSHA test, I also decided to not clean the house (which is steadily making me more and more crazy, so I'll get to it soon) and paint. Cole bought a surfboard a while back so that I could paint it for our living room. The paints (thanks mom and dad) got here a couple of weeks ago:

But today I finally feel like I've been productive enough to have some down time. So painting it is. This is the picture that I found that I would like to try and copy. 

So I primed the surfboard down and set up shop in our little living room, on top of a japanese table I bought. We don't have a dining room, and I was sick of eating on the couch.

That camping chair is style right? :)

I do have one really exciting piece of news! Cole and all the guys have been looking for dirt bikes for a couple weeks now... and we found one for me! It's just a little guy, Cole keeps calling it a mini, but it's great for me because it's not too heavy, and I'm still on my tip toes when I sit on it. I've been riding it around Cole's boss's neighborhood because I don't have gear yet and I can't take it out to the trails alone. I think we're going to name it David Banner, or the Ocelot's name from Archer, Baboo. Haha. Cole really wants Baboo, and I love David Banner. So we'll see.

You can see in the picture above that it's not very tall, especially next to Cole. But the same thing happens when I stand next to Cole, so that's ok. :) That's all for now!